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Rajasthan Tour

Royal Rajasthan - A Journey Through Majestic Palaces
  • 9 Days 8 Night
  • Drop : Airport
  • Pickup: Airpot

Embark on a regal journey through Rajasthan, the ‘Land of Kings,’ where history and culture weave a tapestry of grandeur. Start in the majestic Pink City of Jaipur, adorned with palaces and bustling bazaars. Explore the opulent forts of Jodhpur, feel the romance of Udaipur’s lakes, and wander through the desert charm of Jaisalmer. Witness the spirituality of Pushkar, the wildlife of Ranthambore, and the architectural marvels of Ajmer. Rajasthan beckons with its royal heritage, vibrant traditions, and a kaleidoscope of colors, promising an unforgettable expedition through time.


Arrive in Jaipur and immerse yourself in the city's vibrant culture. Visit the iconic Hawa Mahal and explore the historic City Palace.

Explore the majestic Amer Fort, known for its stunning architecture. Discover the cultural richness at the Jantar Mantar and the Albert Hall Museum.

Travel to Jodhpur and visit the imposing Mehrangarh Fort. Wander through the vibrant markets in the heart of the city.

Journey to Jaisalmer, the 'Golden City' in the Thar Desert. Explore the enchanting Jaisalmer Fort and discover intricately carved havelis.

Venture into the desert for a camel safari amidst the golden sand dunes. Witness a mesmerizing sunset and enjoy a traditional Rajasthani cultural performance.

Head to Udaipur, known for its picturesque lakes and palaces. Explore the City Palace and enjoy a boat ride on Lake Pichola.

Visit the holy town of Pushkar and the sacred Pushkar Lake. Experience the vibrant atmosphere of the Pushkar Camel Fair if visiting during the season.

Travel to Ranthambore National Park for a thrilling wildlife safari. Keep an eye out for tigers and other exotic wildlife.

Visit Ajmer and explore the revered Ajmer Sharif Dargah. Take in the tranquility of the Ana Sagar Lake.

Return to Jaipur for some last-minute shopping or cultural exploration. Depart with the memories of Rajasthan's royal splendor.

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